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Obtaining the Probate Forms

  1. How to Obtain the “Interactive” Probate Forms Published in Word Format
    1. What Are Interactive Forms?
    2. Navigating the Interactive Probate Forms
    3. Working with the Interactive Forms “Off-Line”
  2. “Standard” vs. “Unique” Situations — “Standard” vs. “Custom” Forms

A.  How to Obtain the “Interactive” Probate Forms Published in Word Format

What Are Interactive Forms?“Interactive” forms are those that can be filled in on your computer and then printed out, resulting in fully-typed, professional-looking documents like those produced by law firms.

All of the blank, fill-in probate forms on this website are available in unprotected, interactive Word format.

Navigating the Interactive Probate Forms

Each form in Word format will contain several areas, known as “form fields,” that you will fill-in on your computer with information specific to your own situation. There are two types of form fields:

  • Text Form Fields: Most of the form fields will look like solid grey rectangles, known as “text form fields,” which will already contain some sample “default” text that you will need to delete. After deleting the default text, add your own information to that form field by typing in the required information, for example, your name or your address or the Decedent’s name etc.
  • Check Box Form Fields: A few of the form fields will look like the outline of a small black square, known as a “check box form field,” in which, depending on your own situation, you may or may not add an “X” as described below.

Getting from one form field to another:

  • Forwards: Press either;
    • The “Tab” key, or
    • The “Down Arrow” key.
  • Backwards: Either:
    • Hold down the “Shift” key and simultaneously press the “Tab” key (ie, Shift+Tab), or
    • Press the “Up Arrow” key.
  • By Mouse: Position your cursor over a form field with your mouse and then click.

Entering information into a form field:

  • Text: Delete any default text shown and type in your specific information. You may insert a Tab by holding down the “Ctrl” key and simultaneously pressing the “Tab” key (ie, Ctrl+Tab). The “Enter” key works normally, ie, it makes a new paragraph; Shift+Enter makes a new line.
  • Check Box: First, get to the desired check box form field (as described above) and then:
    • By Keyboard: Either press:
      • The Spacebar, or
      • The letter “X”.
    • By Mouse: Click it.

For you to obtain the interactive probate forms in Word format, your computer must be equipped with a version of Microsoft Word (or Office, which contains Word, etc.).  If so, then:

  • Click on the blue highlighted, underlined name of the probate form in Word format on the webpage.
  • Word will open and will likely show you a window called “File Download,” asking you what to do with the file.
  • Select “Open” the file.
  • Your chosen probate form should appear (eventually) in a new window.
  • Problem: Some users have stated that upon their attempting to download a form in Word format, they have been requested to enter a Username or Password for access.  This requirement was not added by WASHINGTON PROBATE.  If you are so requested, click “Cancel” and that should allow you to complete the download.
  • Complete the body of the form by entering your information with your computer in the form fields shown on the form, using the “Navigating” instructions shown on the right.
  • Add your contact information (your name, address, and telephone number), shown on the right-hand side of the footer.  To access the footer:
    • Click on View > Header or Footer.
    • Go to the footer.
    • Edit your contact information.
  • Problem: If you are unable to edit your contact information, eg, because it remains light grey in color:
    • Click on the Show/Hide Document Text mouse button (the one that looks like two overlapping pages) on your Header and Footer Toolbar.
    • The text within the footer box should change from light grey to black, allowing you to easily edit it.
  • When you are done filling out the form, print it.
  • Caution: If you are going file it at Court, BE SURE TO:
    • PRINT IT ON 8.5 X 11 INCH PLAIN WHITE PAPER (the Court does not allow the filing of pleadings printed on “legal size” or colored paper);
    • PRINT IT ON ONE SIDE ONLY (the Court does not allow the filing of pleadings printed on both sides of the page); &
  • Sign it (or have it signed by the person who needs to sign it).
  • Make sufficient copies of it.
  • File it with the Court (or send it to its intended recipient).

No security encryptation process is employed with the interactive Word forms, so you may freely:

  • Edit the forms on your computer,
  • Copy the forms, and
  • Print your edited forms.

Caution:  All the default information shown on the interactive probate forms (eg, your name, hypothetical address, George Washington, etc.) is shown solely for example, to assist you by pointing out the nature of the information required on the form.  Delete all the default information shown before adding your own information.

Working with the Interactive Forms “Off Line”

If you have a “dial up” Internet connection, you may wish to save forms to your computer so that you can complete and print them “off line.”  One way of doing this is as follows:

  1. Open Windows Explorer.
  2. Create a new folder called “Probate Forms” in your Documents folder.
  3. Open an Interactive Probate Form in Word format from this website.
  4. Save that form to your new Probate Forms folder.
  5. Close your Internet browser & go off line.
  6. Open your version of Word.
  7. In Word, go to your Probate Forms folder.
  8. Open the Interactive Probate Form that you saved from this website.
  9. Complete & print the form.

If you had any reason for doing so, you should be able to save all the Interactive Probate Forms published on this website in their own folder, allowing you to open and complete any of them whenever you desire off line.

B.  “Standard” vs. “Unique” Situations — “Standard” vs. “Custom” Forms

The website’s forms, numbering over 200, deal with “standard” situations confronted in a Nonintervention estate.  Suffice it to say that many, many more situations are possible in a probate estate, especially in one lacking Nonintervention Powers.  For these latter situations, it is difficult to present a “standard” form, such as those available on this website — generally because of the unique facts and circumstances presented by the situation and often because its solution will require the sequential application of a number of independent statutes.  Consequently a “custom” pleading will likely be needed, and probate lawyers are uniquely able to provide them.  If your circumstances go beyond those contemplated on this website or if your requests go beyond those stated in the pertinent form, WASHINGTON PROBATE encourages you to obtain legal advice from an experienced probate attorney.

List of All Fill-In Probate Forms in Word.doc Format
(separated into categories)

List of All Fill-In Probate Forms in Word.doc Format
(in alphabetical order)

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